Common Wildlife Problems

Michiana Wildlife offers bat, raccoon, groundhog, mole, squirrel, chipmunk, and other animal removal services. We use several methods to make sure we prevent wildlife from entering your home, business, or property. By taking the right steps and approaches, Michiana Wildlife ensures that our team is committed to your wildlife concerns and effectively solves all of your wildlife problems you may be experiencing. Let’s start today on your project!

Please note: We do not provide domestic animal control or rescue services. Our skilled team focuses solely on wild animals.

person holding bat

Bat Removal

The common bats in Michigan and Indiana are the “little brown bats” and the “big brown bat.” Bats can carry deadly diseases so it’s critical to get them removed if you’re experiencing any bats in your home.

raccoon in a tree

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons can live in chimneys, and attics, and love messing around in your garbage can or dumpster. Primarily if a raccoon is in your attic, it’s more than likely a female with her young. Raccoons can be very violent and carry a number of diseases.

groundhog in the grass

Groundhog/Mole Removal

Groundhogs & moles can prove to be a big problem when it comes to landscaping, gardens, burrowing under decks, damaging homes, golf courses, sheds, etc. Michiana Wildlife can humanely remove these nuisances and restore any damages caused by them.


Squirrel/Chipmunk Removal

Squirrels and chipmunks will gnaw on anything they can, including wires. They can cause a great amount of damage to your home. Our team can remove squirrels/chipmunks from crawlspaces, basements, chimneys, yards, attics, walls, ceilings, and floors.

photo of deer crossing sign

Dead Animal Removal

Dead animals should always be removed from a home/business or property with a group of licensed wildlife professionals such as us. A dead animal carcass can attract others animals such as coyotes, in turn causing more nuisance problems. Let our team handle the removal of the issue.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“If I could give MORE than 5 stars I definitely would!! Fantastic service from this company. Very prompt and professional and compassionate as well. Highly recommend.”

Joan Hill

“Michiana Wildlife is outstanding! I had longstanding critter issues and they trapped the animals–humanely!–and relocated them. And then they made repairs to prevent animals from returning. They worked tirelessly for many days on the repair work and were incredibly affordable. They’re just great!”

Jennifer Parello

“They’re the best in the business! I had a great experience with these guys and they know exactly how to keep their customers satisfied! I highly recommend this company to everyone! They are the best in the Midwest!!”

Craig Simmons

Are You Currently Dealing With A Wildlife Problem?

Reach out today and let our team of wildlife removal professionals handle the issue. We’ll remove any nuisances and repair the damages with a free damage inspection/repair estimate.

Please note: We do not provide domestic animal control or rescue services. Our skilled team focuses solely on wild animals.